is a business analytics tool enabling users to visualize and understand data for smarter and better performance.


Broad Data Perspectives:
Create multiple charts and reports, and visualize them all in a dashboard, helping you get all required perspectives.

User Friendly:
Individual or team, get the insights yourself. So simple and user friendly that anyone can generate reports without needing any technical skills.

Quick and Precise Visual Analytics:
Connect and visualize data with a multitude of filters. Drill down the filters to get deeper insights.

Work with Multiple Data:
From spreadsheets to the database, API, or SFTP, use any data to gather insights. Just connect and drive insights right away.

  • Develop charts and infographics within a blink.
  • Customize, modify and upgrade charts hassle free.
  • Automatic data import through scheduling.
  • Accessibility to teams for internal collaborations.
  • Export and download data, avail easy results with filtering.
  • Make use of dashboard and activity logs to keep track of work.
  • Create charts and reports for individual purposes or across organization.


  • Create reports anywhere at anytime.
  • Easy transmission of data using file import, direct connectivity to database, SFTP schedule and API.
  • Use multiple data sources to generate a single report.
  • Get different versions of charts for the same set of data.
  • Integrate reports to Analytic charts.


  • Create Forms to Insert/update/delete data connecting to any database or API's without need of any middle-tier code.
  • Reduce application development cost and time by 60-70%.
  • Reduce dependency on developers.
  • Fast-track application development and stay ahead of others in the market.
  • Develop on this platform and embed it within any native application.
  • Generate dashboard containing Charts, Reports, Forms on the fly.
  • Create multiple Apps, Menus on the fly.
"Reduce application development cost and time by 60-70%"
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Get Real-Time Insights:
No more waiting for data to sync. Get started by connecting database. Get real-time updates and schedule timings for auto-update.

Smart Repository:
Create and maintain a repository of SQL queries and APIs to use later or execute and check for instant results.

  • Maintain repository of SQL Queries/APIs to use it at a later stage.
  • Execute SQL queries easily and see the results.
  • Organize the settings such as SQL, API in folder structure.
  • Test the SFTP, Database connectivity on the fly.
  • Run the API’s on the fly.
"D Square Analytix"
helps drill down data to graphical representations in a simple and cost effective manner
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Deck of Deployment Options:
Deploy with your preferred cloud hosting providers like Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS.

Connectivity on the Go:
On Premise Gain Access to your internal systems hosted on-premises by configuring our system to one of your internal servers.

  • The infrastructure is cost-efficient and less demanding where you can choose one of the following options as your tool.
  • Your preferred cloud-hosting providers- Deploy and run using your preferred hosting providers like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.
  • On-Premise-Gain access to your internal systems hosted on-premises by configuring our system to one of your internal servers.
  • Avail the facilities like file import, direct connectivity to database, SFTP schedule and API.
"Visualizing data anytime, anywhere"
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Reduction of time and cost vis-va-vis Excel Sheets and other apps

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