Web Analytics:

Web analytics is the foundation to successful search advertising. Analysing data gained from your marketing campaigns allows you to make necessary changes and get the right information across to the right customers within your allocated budget. It helps you understand how to enhance your business goals through ads and keywords to get conversions and create new opportunities. Contact our marketing team at D Square to create the perfect campaign for your business today!

Customer Navigation Funnel:

The customer navigation or sales funnel is a marketing model that is focused on creating the best customer experience. A sales funnel creates a simple path for the customers to follow. Each webpage created by our team will have a clear call to action for the consumers. Our marketing team has the experience and knowledge necessary to create an effective sales funnel that can streamline the purchasing process for your customers and expand your business. Contact our marketing team at D Square today!

Banner Performance analysis:

Creating a website that is visually appealing can attract more customers. Analysing and optimising display for your advertising campaign is a key strategy in digital marketing. As opposed to what you might think, inbound marketing and display ads aren’t fundamentally opposing. In fact, applying the proper inbound marketing strategy to your ads can maximise reach and attract more leads. The key to this is proper planning and structure, which our team at D Square will provide for you. We will measure all your progress in real-time and analyse what can be improved. By combining views and clicks, we give you a more clear picture of how advertising affects users. Contact the advertising team at D Square to get the best banner and display advertising in your budget!

Landing page performance analysis:

The landing page is the first thing anyone sees when they look at your website. As such, it is a powerful asset for any business. While many businesses spend a significant amount of money to build the best landing page, we at D Square work on creating the best possible resource for you in your budget. With clear metrics and measurements, you won’t have to market blindly. By analysing this data, we will be able to tell you if your landing page is working to get the desired number of solid leads and what needs improvement. So call us today and get your landing page optimised!

Search analysis/keyword optimization:

Google and Yahoo are some of the biggest search engines today. Being a business that is listed on the web for your services can only be a good thing. A major step in ensuring this success is keyword optimisation or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As more and more business shift online, it has become imperative to have search engine marketing. If you pick the wrong keyword, the marketing campaign can be a wasted effort. Due to this, it is important to have a team that can analyse your website data and create powerful SEO campaigns. We at D Square have a team with industry knowledge and experience working to make your business the best it can be. So call us today to see how we can help you!

Competitive landscape analysis:

The belief that companies having competitive pricing alone will generate good leads is no longer true. The modern consumer is willing to pay different process for different goods based on quality, need and the brand’s value. Knowing that your company is faring better than your competitors gives your business an important edge. Creating a competitive landscape analysis lets you do just that. We at D Square will look into your competitors and inform you on how to use your company’s strength instead of waging a price war. We will look into their product offerings, social media marketing and strategies to improve your own business. Continually analysing your competitors gives you an incentive to think proactively and make moves based on customers responses rather than blindly reacting. Call D Square to get your competitive landscape analysis today!


Category Performance Analysis:

Category analysis revolves around a key performance indicator (KPI). Selling items in a category is a very common brand KPI to demonstrate the company’s overall performance. Our analysis team understands the sales and helps you understand the relationship between metrics in sizeable datasets. When there are changes in categories, there can be various metric combinations that can be the cause. The list is inexhaustive and any of them could affect performance. Understanding performance enables companies to operate with precision and confidence. The team at D Square will help you understand consumer insights and move closer to success.

Conjoint analysis:

Conjoint analysis is a survey-based methodology used by organisations to analyse the value of their products and services to understand consumer behaviour. Products are categorised into features and attributes that are shown to customers on a scale. This research helps in understanding how various attributes of products are perceived by consumers. This not only helps in understanding consumer behaviour but also in answering questions of product improvements, impacts on sales and revenue and competitor and pricing analysis. Our marketing team is well equipped to understand consumer behaviour and helping you have an edge over your competitors.

Market Basket Analysis:

This is a process used by retailers to understand the relationship between items by looking for combinations of items purchased frequently. This includes analysis of product placement, physical shelf arrangements, up-selling, cross-selling and bundling opportunities as well as customer retention. Our team, with their extensive experience, can help you analyse the needs of your consumers and the business effectively.

Nielsen/IRI data analytics and Reporting:

Without data, there is no way to understand a business’s success or downfall. Knowing what kind of data can give you what information is key in understanding category management. Data analytics and reporting let you filter customer information with the objective of understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the content presented on the website. IRI and Nielsen provide cohesive big data, analytics and future insights on a single platform to help retail institutions personalise their marketing strategies and expand their business. Our team at D Square has the knowledge necessary to analyse your data and data given by IRI/Nielsen to improve your business.

Trade Analytics:

Trade analytics gives the trader the skill needed to understand the day’s trades and historical trade data presented in a comprehensive statistics report. D Square is the perfect spot for you to go to do your trade analysis for you and review trader performances.

Pricing Analytics:

Traditional pricing mechanisms of temporarily reducing a price are ineffective in a dynamic market where various factors continually affect a consumer’s decision. Pricing analytics helps companies in various industries to improve profits and market share by deciding on optimal prices and having pricing strategies. D Square uses data to understand consumer behaviour and integrate it into your pricing needs.

Promotion Impact analysis:

The goal of a promotional analysis is to understand the impact of past marketing campaigns and create strategies that work better in the future and generate profitable results. It can also be determined as creating a correlation between sales and marketing. This is generally done to understand the aftereffects of implementing a change. It is necessary to analyse promotions to optimise functionality and maximise the performance of a product. D Square, with its knowledge and resources to create the most optimal marketing campaign and maximise your performance.


Customer Behaviour Analytics:

Customer behaviour analytics is all about determining how customers interact between different channels and what influences their behaviour. It provides businesses with the data required to understand customer behaviour. This can help enhance your business in various ways and can even optimise customers lifecycles. D Square has the knowledge necessary to analyse customer behaviour to generate revenue for your business. So call us today!

Customer Segmentation & targeting:

Market segmentation, targeting and positioning are the fundamental tools used by marketers. Understanding the various needs of customers is the only way for a business to succeed. Segmenting customers based on their background, needs and desires help a business become more relevant to consumers. These are systems necessary to use in order to understand customer segmentation and targeting effectively. Comprehending a consumer’s past behaviour can be useful to predict future purchases and target the right consumer. Data can also further be broken down into recency, frequency, and monetary value which can further determine the value and loyalty of customers. D Square will help your organisation create a pricing and marketing strategy that appeals to the consumers and use the right avenues to reach the selected consumer group.