Hiring a permanent employee and introducing them into your organization is a serious commitment. Now, recruitment is no longer just matching a candidate's qualification and experience with a job description.
D2 consultant services focus on our client's ultimate requirements as we understand the process of providing the right candidate in right time is the keystone of our services to the client. We give you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We specialize in middle and senior-level management recruitment issues. Here, customers’ handover complete requirements and we ameliorate all resources to deliver the solution with promised time.


D2 consultant clouts its workforce to promote the required job positions. Provides cost-effective and efficient contractual employees who will excel at the required job, ensuring you a highly qualified talent that will justify your job requirements and will fulfill the responsibilities with efficiency.
Our job is to maintain close communication between both the prospective contracted employee and your company throughout the hiring process. The extensive workforce solutions we provide will promise better flexibility, helping you to tackle unpredictable challenges. We offer domain expertise in contractual staffing in many diversified industries.


We offer placement consultancy services to companies. From start-ups to short term contracts, we handle all your placement needs. We want you to have access to the right talent who can make significant contributions to your company. Success is not something one should gamble with and so our recruitment process is seamless and removes all the needs for guesswork. D Square helps candidates and companies identify the right skill set they need to get the job done.


D Square offers valuable advice to clients in the executive search for the perfect talent. We fill in various positions in leadership and graduate roles across divisions in the client organisation. Our approach for one time placements includes

Procedural proficiency:
We have a thorough method through which we pick and narrow down talent that will fit into organisations. We assess candidates based on an understanding of the expected outcomes, competencies and value fit.

We understand the need for client and candidate confidentiality. We make sure to keep all matters confidential protecting the privacy and fulfilling expectations of both the candidate and the company.

We as an organisation insist on being transparent and this translates into our work for you as well. D Square understands that being receptive and open to situations in an organisation is a key value to look for in candidates.


D Square Consulting works consistently towards ensuring your workplace is filled with talented candidates. We provide cost-effective and efficient contractual employees guaranteeing you with talent that will not just fulfil the job requirements but will also make valuable contributions to the organisation. It is our duty to be the bridge between you and the candidate throughout the hiring process. Our extensive workforce solutions promise flexibility to allow you to take on unprecedented challenges. We offer domain expertise in contractual staffing in many diversified industries.


Along with TeamCurio Technologies, we at D Square Consulting Services offer to be the answer to all your software development needs. TeamCurio is a company that works on passionately making a difference in people's lives by value addition using technology. D Square Consulting Services is a company that offers their products and services to promote the same cause.
Partnered with key technology leaders, we show our clients significance by understanding the issue, researching, looking at shortcomings of the existing solution and coming up with appropriate solutions and executing them.

Complete analysis:

We analyse the ins and outs of your company to figure out how exactly to help you. After doing a complete analysis, we give you thorough solutions on how to achieve your objective.


Our solution process involves researching your company, asking the right questions to understand your values and figuring out what proven techniques will work for you.

Narrowing down talent:

After we figure out your organizational values, we look into the pool of candidates we have and narrow down the ones who will fit into your organization the best.

Creating an execution plan:

After we have thoroughly narrowed down the candidates, we will create a detailed plan with clear timelines and objectives.


We will measure performance through internal metrics against industry and competitor standards.

Continuous monitoring:

We will monitor the candidates’ progress and approach with your company to make sure the candidate can make significant contributions to the organization.