D Square offers you end2end ecommerce solution supports including but not limited to website development and design and customer service. We have your back throughout the entire operation. The services also include front-end and back-end development with marketing services. Our solutions offered with the technology are tested and proven by solution professionals. We also offer customer service centres, talented designers, practiced consultants and more. With all these various services under one roof aiming to make your business successful, we can provide daily advice based on a ground-level and aerial view of your operation. Our team is equipped to handle all your needs and act as advocates within your organisation.


When you work with D Square, you get perception, invention and resource along with a successful business design and strategy.Our various services include:


With continued evolution of e-business spaces, consumers are on the constant lookout for better buying options. For businesses, this means that there is an increased opportunity to sell your products. But the challenges in selling of these products on various online platforms is that they are rich with multiple and often unpredictable variables. This can often be cumbersome to businesses that would prefer to focus purely in running the core business. In such situations, the only solution is to outsource to firms like ours. You can trust us with data processing and catalogue management. To create a perfect product catalogue is to ensure effortless data retrieval, upload and publishing across different sales channels. When this happens, updating the inventory in bulk as new products arrive, does not crash the system. A well-managed inventory means you have more time for more demanding tasks. Outsourcing cataloguing reduces product data processing and publishing time which will boost your selling potential. We offer services like:

We offer services like:


Consulting to simplify:

Consulting to simplify: Our consultation services are run by team leaders who are experienced in the field of brand store auditing, performance marketing auditing and warehouse optimisation. This means that whenever you have any trouble running your business, all you have to do is give us a phone call and we will be right there to help you.

Brandstore Audit

Brandstore Audit Explore opportunities through user journey and technology interventions for your brandstore

Performance Marketing Audit

Identify right message, medium and audience for your brand and marketing objectives

Warehousing Optimization

Devise tactical and strategic roadmap to speed up fulfillment while ensuring safety & resource optimization

E-commerce for your brands:

Call us today to get help with your online business! We offer onboarding and migration to help you seamlessly transition to the latest technology with the best industry practices and funnel improvement to maximise your returns.

Onboarding & Migration

Assist in seamless transition to newer technology & processes with minimum disruption to day-to-day business

Industry Best practices

Conduct gap analysis of existing processes with benchmarks across sectors, geographies and scales

Funnel Improvement

Assess entire user buying journey into granular funnel elements and focus to maximize returns

Marketplace Management:

Marketplace Management: No matter where you sell your products, if they’re online, they will need constantly active account management with tasks that happen regularly to be able to sell effectively. Our team ensures that your business has the prime visibility, the presence on relevant marketplaces, keeping track of and planning inventory and timely reporting. Our key services are SEO optimized listings, brand protection, control of pricing, management of reviews and fulfillment assistance.


The advantages of having us manage your marketplace is that we will work with you constantly to have an understanding of your strengths and opportunities to grow. We are also flexible and will work according to your brand’s unique need. We are reliable and we prove this by having workflows with various checkpoints to ensure high levels of service.

Deep Expertise

Understanding of strengths and opportunities of various marketplaces paired with brandstore learning


Customizable process to seamlessly mould as per your individual brand's unique need


Evolved workflows with multiple checkpoints and triggers to ensure high service levels


Account Management

Integrate all your marketplace platforms to deliver a consistent brand experience to customers everywhere and manage inventory effectively

Growth Planning

See trends, measure the performance across 10+ marketplaces and work with your teams to consistently deliver business goals

Operational Execution

Enable onboarding, list products, manage pricing, promotions and other modules to drive topline and bottom line

Reputation Management

Ensure customer delight and drive brand visibility by answering to their queries to ensure positive reviews and ratings


Performance marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that an advertiser pays for every action a consumer takes – a click, download, a video view or a purchase. With our expert advertising team, this means that we will maximise your engagement and work within your budget to get you what your business needs. Performance marketing is also not restricted to a specific marketing channel and can be versatile. We will work on everything from search marketing to social media management and affiliate marketing to make sure you and your business reaches its full online potential.


We have a high quality team that is eager to experiment and provide you with innovative strategies.

With our mixed experience levels, you can be sure that we have deep knowledge about the various fields our clients are in and can understand the varying complexities that come with the business.

We are a data driven business – this means that every click and purchase on your website is analysed by our team to create a sustainable and long term online business plan.



SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is beneficial in promoting the brand, improving customer engagement and driving more sales. The advantages of this are that SMS is fast, earns higher open rates than email and gets a higher engagement rate.

Custom integration:

We build custom software to integrate seamlessly into your business without you worrying about anything. Our team aims in creating a website for you that represents the authenticity of your brand.

Audience Segmentation:

We will help you analyse consumer data and classify them based on the necessary criteria and help create tailored advertising campaigns, so that your business has the reach it needs.

A/B testing:

We test everything rigorously to help in improving content engagement, reduced bounce rates, increased conversion rates, ease of analysis and increased sales.

Reporting and Analysis:

We provide you with weekly KPI reports and use the data gathered to create better strategies that will work for you.