• B2C and B2B industry experience
  • Brand-immersive training
  • Phone, email, live chat, social listening and chatbot support
  • Multiple staffing models: dedicated, augmented and shared
  • Inbound and outbound contacts


We offer a system that has a secure, system-driven solution that is combined with state-of-the-art technology providers and thorough accounts to have complete solution visibility. We work 24/7 with well-trained resources to make sure your business runs according to your needs.

Fraud Management:

Services include:

  • Consultation fraud services throughout implementation
  • Operational management of fraud rules and reviews
  • Customized business rules profile to lower chargebacks
  • Chargeback dispute management
  • Data-driven recommendations for the right balance of protection
  • Scalable staffing plans to accommodate volume fluctuations
Payment processing:

Services include:

  • Credit card authorization and settlement services
  • Pre-integrated payment gateways: CyberSource and Adyen
  • Alternative payment integrations (support for: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.)
  • Gift card integrations
  • International payments and multicurrency support
  • US state sales tax support
  • VAT management and reporting
  • Payment reconciliation to identify missing revenue
  • Merchant of Record services for countries you’re not registered in
Business-to-Business processing:

Services include:

  • Settlement reconciliation support
  • Multiple terms options
  • Customized dunning
  • A/R summary and detailed reporting
  • Cash, credit and collection management
  • Refund check support
  • Systemic hold controls
  • Branded invoicing
  • Journal entries and support


Your ecommerce business can benefit from our reliable and highly scalable order management services. Without having to worry about poor visibility, mismatched accounts and late shipments, you can relax and just focus on the orders and leave the rest to us. Services include:

Services include:

  • Distributed order management (DOM) technology
  • Integration with website, payment and ERP systems including drop ship vendors
  • Subscription technology
  • Lot management processes
  • Tax and VAT calculations, with multi-currency support
  • Order and ship confirmation emails
  • Payment reconciliation services
  • Merchant of Record services
  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Fraud prevention based on industry profile
  • PCI compliance


Having easy access to technology makes shopping all the easier and gives businesses an extra platform to innovate and expand to. Technology also provides businessowners with the opportunity to respond to consumers quickly and resources to understand their needs. To do all this, the first thing you need is a commercial digital marketing platform.

D Square brings you all the technology needed to make your ecommerce platform run successfully. Our tech team has designed and deployed commercial plans for industrial leaders with intelligence, agility and brand-centric approach. Our team along with leading industry partners aim to deliver you the top-notch commercial technology.


Design: It is our goal at D Square to create leading digital experience for passion brands. Our UX/UI and design team have the experience necessary to blend the essence of your business with digital marketing trends. Our aim for your business is to create content that can connect emotionally and drive satisfied interactions. Our design services include fullservice creative design, user experience and production services with a range of innovative digital applications and experiences that represents your brand and helps in creating meaningful connections.

Key Services


We offer a holistic portfolio of services for all your digital marketing requirements. Pick from a range of services and decide how you wish to increase engagement. We will create creative strategies that will drive results by aligning with your brand and objectives.

The consumer behaviour analytics is easily available and with the right tools, we can make sure to personalise engagement to get a higher conversion and retention rate. We aim to combine strategy and technology to help you drive sales across all your platforms and consumer interactions.


We have the experience and knowledge to be able to understand the various aspects of customer experience. To do this, it is necessary to apply an agile, performance-based approach and drive results. We will help you redefine what it means to have consumers interact with your brand by creating products and services to quickly add value and strategically grow your business.